Being able to setup very quickly a light http server with BASIC security enables to quickly share document between teams. Let see how to do it with Apache Meecrowave.

The first step is to bundle your application/resources in meecrowave. This can be done from a lot of manner but using its maven plugin is quite quick:


Now if you run mvn package, a zip will be created in target containing a Meecrowave distribution with your folder my-resources served.

The next step is to secure it with BASIC authentication. Personally I do it in - but there are programmatic or other configuration mecanism if you prefer like a plain CLI options based one.

Since I’m using the maven plugin I will create in src/main/meecrowave/conf folder.

The in its content I will setup the basic login method, add a logged security constraint on the webapp and register my users:

login.realmName=Secured Area


1 The login config enables a basic authenticator on the web application
2 The security contraint binds on / for all methods (since no explicit method is set) as requiring the role * which means "user is logged in"
3 The user the-name will use the password the-password
the password can be ciphered with standard Meecrowave mechanism if needed.

Now rebundle your distribution (mvn package), extract it and run it (./bin/ run) and to access to your webapp you will need to enter a valid user credentials :).

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